Home Wildlife Winter Wildlife in North York: Raccoon Removal

Winter Wildlife in North York: Raccoon Removal

Winter Wildlife in North York: Raccoon Removal

While you’re enjoying the cozy atmosphere of your home, you might be wondering where all the wildlife is planning to spend this winter. For many raccoons out there, your house seems like a wonderful place to get comfortable in. That is why wildlife services receive the most calls during this period, especially from people in North York. Here, professional humane wildlife removal strategies seem to work the best, with prevention techniques to stop the animals from coming back. Skedaddle offers the best humane methods and techniques to make your house raccoon-proof once and for all. Read on if you want to know how to remove raccoons and make your house unwelcoming for these animals.

North York is home to many different parks and areas that would attract raccoons.

How to Prevent Raccoons From Coming?

If you’re willing to make a bit of effort and prepare your house for the winter, you need to raccoon-proof the whole exterior first. These intelligent animals will always find a way to sneak in and eventually begin making their den. So, start with your doors and windows. If you have pets and you have the habit of leaving the door open to let them out, you should put screens on. Even if you already have these, try to check for tears or holes in them. Sometimes, tiny cracks around your windows can be the perfect spot for raccoons to start digging. You can easily seal the cracks with foam and solve the problem. Another thing that attracts raccoons is food in your garden. Make sure that you don’t have any plants close to your house or else they’ll be tempted to search inside as well. Raccoons love to scavenge through garbage so make sure to secure your garbage bins very well and place them farther away from your house. Otherwise, try to remember when raccoons are most active so that you can monitor the outside of your home from time to time.

How to Remove Them if They’ve Already Nested

If you’re able to hear unusual activity and noise that resembles fighting while indoors, then you probably have raccoons somewhere in your house. Try to track down the source of the noise or look for their footprints in the snow to see where they’ll lead you. If you do find a raccoon den, what you can do to try and make the raccoons leave your property is to try and remove all possible food sources. This would involve sealing your garbage cans after you use them. Raccoons are very attracted to the smell of food from garbage cans and if you shut them close they won’t be able to get a hold of anything in there. Simply try to identify all the possible food sources for raccoons on your property. After you’ve done so, you’ll have the idea why these furry animals love spending time around your home.

Don’t Stress Over The Raccoon Problem: Contact Skedaddle

For your own health and safety, it is best to avoid dealing with raccoon removal on your own. That is the job for trained technicians from Skedaddle. We are constantly helping with humane wildlife removal in North York, and other parts of Canada during winter. Our wildlife experts will search your house thoroughly in order to find the entry points the raccoons have used to enter your home. After we are able to successfully remove the raccoon from your home, the whole area will be sterilized and cleaned. So, don’t waste your time trying to catch raccoons by yourself; instead, leave it to wildlife experts from Skedaddle.

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