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Watch Kestrel Family “Live” | Outside My Window

Watch Kestrel Family “Live” | Outside My Window


Male kestrel incubates eggs in Yorkshire, UK (screenshot from Robert E Fuller video)

16 June 2023

In North America we call our smallest falcon a “kestrel” (Falco sparverius) because it resembles the well known Eurasian or common kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) in Europe. Both are cavity nesters that use holes in cliffs, trees or buildings.

Wildlife artist and blogger Robert E Fuller (@RobertEFuller) has live nest cameras at his farm in Yorkshire, England including two on common kestrel nests. When he tweeted this video three days ago the eggs in Jeff and Jenny’s nest were about to hatch. Yesterday the first three hatched. Today the chicks are growing fast and the last egg awaits.

Watch the kestrel family Live on Robert E. Fuller’s channel on YouTube.

p.s. The Live stream is a composite of many nests. Jeff & Jenny’s is at top right, as highlighted below in the screenshot.

screenshot from Robert E Fuller Live Cams on YouTube


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