Victoria Wildlife Control: Everything About Squirrel Nests

Squirrel removal in Victoria is necessary if the rodents make a nest in your attic. This can occur when squirrels in your yard gain access to your roof. If there are squirrels on your property, it is not a foregone conclusion that they will reach the roof and get into the attic, but it does increase the likelihood. Therefore, as a first step toward how to get rid of squirrels, you should know how to recognize their nests.

Where Do Squirrels Make Their Nests?

In their natural habitat, squirrels build their nests in the branches or in a fork of a tall tree. They look to build nests approximately 30 feet off the ground. This makes it more difficult for predators to catch them, and it also provides them with a vantage point from which to survey their territory. Female squirrels make nests to raise their babies and keep them safe from harm.

Another reason that squirrels make nests is so that they have a warm place to spend the winter. Squirrels spend most of the winter feeding off the food that they gathered and stored during the summer and living off their own body fat. They do little foraging and spend most of their time in their nests.

In urban areas, squirrels sometimes make nests in attics, which provide both warmth and protection from predators. Squirrels may get onto your roof from overhanging tree branches. From there, they may feel the warmth from a vent that tells them that the attic can offer shelter. Once a squirrel has decided to make your attic its home, it can either find a hole to get in or make one.

What Do Squirrel Nests Look Like?

A squirrel nest can be mistaken for a bird’s nest as they are often found in similar places. Birds and squirrels also make nests out of similar materials. A squirrel’s nest, also called a drey, is larger than many birds’ nests, with a diameter of about six to eight inches, and also tends to be messier. It can look like a round clump of leaves up in a tree that remains even when the other leaves have fallen.

What Do Squirrels Make Nests Out Of?

Squirrels typically make nests out of bark, twigs, leaves, and moss. They weave together tougher materials, such as twigs and bark, on the outside to form the structure of the nest, then they fill the inside with softer, more compressible materials, such as leaves and moss, to make it warm and comfortable.

However, squirrels are not picky about the materials they use to make their homes. They will use whatever is available, including garbage, paper, or insulation. This can cause problems inside your home if the squirrels get in and start ripping up the insulation to make a nest. If they bring garbage into your home, it could attract other wildlife or insect pests, potentially leading to multiple infestations. Squirrels may mix their own droppings into their nesting materials, which can contain pathogens and microorganisms.

Even if squirrels confine themselves to natural materials to make a nest, it could still cause problems for you in your attic. Leaves, twigs, grass, and moss all dry out over time and could ignite if exposed to a spark. This is more likely than you might realize if there are squirrels in your attic because they chew on electrical wires and remove the insulation.

Skedaddle technicians know how to keep squirrels away permanently after removal by sealing off their entry points with durable mesh. We also perform an inspection of your home to assess the damage the squirrels have caused. We thoroughly clean areas contaminated by squirrels to remove all parasites and pathogens. We completely remove flammable nesting materials and dispose of them safely. Find out more about the Clear and Clean part of our process.

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