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Welcoming a new baby is a joyous and exciting time, but it will bring a lot of changes in your life and your furry friend’s life – the French bulldog. French bulldogs are famous for their loyal and affectionate nature and they are beloved companions of many families. However, your Frenchie will need some adjustment and preparation before the arrival of a new baby. If you take time and prepare your Frenchie for the baby and the challenges to come then there will be a smooth transition and a harmonious environment for everyone involved in the family. In order to make the whole process smooth you need some pro tips. Here in this blog, we will give you some valuable tips to help you navigate this exciting period in your life.

Gradually introduce your French bulldog

When you bring a new baby home there will be new sounds, smells, and new routines in the household. To make your Frenchie used to this routine slowly introduce him to the sound of baby-like cooing and crying. You can do this by playing audio recordings. You can also make them used to the smell of lotions baby powder and other baby scents. The slow and regular exposure will make your dog associate with them positively and reduces any potential anxiety or confusion.

Reinforce basic obedience training

If your Frenchie is well-trained he will be more responsive to the whole adaptation and transition period. Take your time and train basic obedience commands like stay, sit, and leave it. Your pup must understand these commands and in different he should respond to them. When you dog the training consistently this will help in managing your dog behavior and creating a controlled and safe environment for baby.

Establish new boundaries and restrictions

When your baby starts moving and exploring the world, it’s time that you should establish some boundaries for your Frenchie. For example, if your Frenchie is used to sleeping on the furniture or bed, buy a crate for them and put it in the area where your baby can’t reach. Start applying these changes slowly before the baby’s arrival so that your dog can adjust and understand the new rules.

Familiarize your French bulldog with baby-related items

Introduce your Frenchie to all the baby items like strollers, cribs, and toys, and start doing this before the baby arrives. Let your Frenchie investigate and sniff these items and ensure that they associate positive experiences with them. This training will not only make your Frenchie used to the belongings of the baby but also reduces anxiety and curiosity once the baby arrives.

Practice simulated baby activities

Get your Frenchie used to the activities and routines that are associated with the baby. For example, carry a baby blanket or a doll and walk around the house like you are holding the baby or rocking the baby in your arms. You can do all kinds of activities that you do with a newborn baby. This will help your dog become accustomed to these new behaviors and adapt more easily when the baby arrives.

Gradually decrease attention and affection

Before the arrival of your baby, gradually decrease the affection and attention that you give your Frenchie. This will get them used to adjusting to less attention from you and will not disturb them when the baby arrives.  Encourage them to play alone and let them stay and spend time in their designated area. By doing so, you’ll prevent any sudden feelings of neglect or jealousy when the baby requires more of your attention.

Introduce your French bulldog to other children

If your Frenchie has no previous experience with young children or babies then you should introduce them to this experience. Invite some families or friends who have babies or play dates. You can also take your Frenchie to parks where children play. All the interactions must be supervised and positive, so your French bulldog gets accustomed and comfortable to the presence of little ones.

Consider professional training or consultation

If you feel that you are unaware of the behavior of your Frenchie and don’t know how he will react to the new baby then you should get some professional guidance. A professional animal behaviorist or a dog trainer can guide you according to the needs of your dog. A trainer will help in reducing all the potential problems and make the transition smooth for everyone involved.

Maintain a consistent routine

Like every dog French bulldogs love routine and a sudden change will bring anxiety and stress. A new baby will bring a new routine to your life try to maintain the consistency in the life of French bulldogs. You should not disturb their routine of feeding, exercise, and playtime. This will provide your dog with a sense of stability and reassurance during this period of change.

Gradual introduction and supervision

When the final time comes and the baby arrives at home make sure you introduce your Frenchie to bay in a controlled environment. Let your pup visit the baby under your supervision and make sure that he stays calm and relaxed. If he shows a positive attitude reward the behavior with a treat and increase the time of visit. Never leave your baby and dog unsupervised and always prioritize safety above all else.


Remember, every dog is unique, and their reactions to a new baby may vary. Some French Bulldogs may adjust quickly, while others may require more time and patience. By following these tips and consistently providing a positive and secure environment, you can help your French Bulldog transition smoothly and create a strong bond between your furry friend and your new baby. With love, understanding, and careful preparation, you can ensure that your French Bulldog becomes an integral part of your growing family, sharing in the joy and happiness that a new baby brings.

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