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In China, there are many customs of the Chinese Spring Festival, such as posting couplets, eating dumplings, burning fireworks, wearing new clothes, hanging lanterns, etc., and this year is especially lively. To welcome the Year of the Rabbit, local governments have launched a new campaign-setting up rabbit landmarks. We can find rabbits in the streets, shopping malls and parks. They all look different, some handsome, some cute and some funny. And their postures are also different, lying down, sitting, lying on their stomachs and standing. Let’s find out which rabbits are!
1. This big-eared rabbit sitting on a century-old street is made of tens of thousands of cape snow. The combination of “plant” and “Park City” is so cool and cute.

This Year's Mascot Rabbit7

2. This dog-like rabbit with big eyes will look even better at night. This rabbit comes from Zigong, a city home to both dinosaurs and lanterns.

This Year's Mascot Rabbit6

3. Is this little rabbit sitting quietly on the side of the street with a red heart waiting for his sweetheart?

This Year's Mascot Rabbit5

4. A naughty and lovely colorful rabbit, lying on the roof trying to pick flowers from the eaves.

This Year's Mascot Rabbit3

5. Did you find out? It is actually a panda, wearing a hat and pretending to be a rabbit, smiling and greeting you.

This Year's Mascot Rabbit2

6. Have you watched the sci-fi film “The Wandering Earth”, which has been particularly popular recently? And this rabbit just came back from space.

This Year's Mascot Rabbit1

7. This rabbit sitting by the lake playing alone, is quiet and adorable.

This Year's Mascot Rabbit

8. This lantern rabbit dressed as an old celestial being, with a round big head and a small body, is simply too likable.

This Year's Mascot Rabbit8

After seeing the rabbits above, which one do you like the most?

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