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Below are the things we recommend you to do before leaving your dog in a boarding facility:
1. Visit along with your dog – You must visit the facility along with your dog. You should see how comfortable he/she is at this new place. You should also ask questions around what to expect from them.
2. Try day boarding or short stay – It might be a good idea to leave your dog for day boarding or overnight boarding while you are still in the city. While it ensure that your pooch becomes familiar and prepares upcoming stay, it also gives you confidence that you can pick back in case of any discomfort to your dog.
3. Share schedule – Let the staff at dog boarding facility know about the schedule of your dog. Knowing sleeping timing, walking timing and food timing help staff match the timings and minimize the change as much as possible.
4. Share food preference – Share like, dislikes and any known allergies with the staff. Ask about what food is served. In case you give any dry food, better provide and inform about the quantity.
5. Up To date on vaccinations – Ensure all the basic vaccinations are up to date. These include rabies, distemper, parvo fever, kennel cough etc. Deworming should also be done on quarterly basis for adult dogs.
6. Apply spot on to prevent ticks – It is wise to apply spot just before dropping your dog before boarding. It helps in preventing ticks and fleas.

We got our dog 2 years back which changed our lives in many good ways. However it was always a pain to leave him somewhere whenever we had to go out. We tried couple of places but there was a constant worry in mind as how our dog would be doing without us. After trying couple of places and doing research on more than 20 dog boarding places in Bangalore, we decided to start a dog boarding facility ourselves – Puppyoye dog boarding and dog park. After six months of intense research we finally started in Dec 2016. Our priorities are – Safety, Health and Fun in given order. We have a large dog park where dogs come for dog boarding and dog day care. Situated in Bangalore electronic city area, we have a large dog park where they are free to run, play and socialize with each other. In a completely secure and CCTV monitored area they are leash free all the time, yet grouped based on their age, size, gender as required in different fenced areas. We take very limited number of dogs at a time for dog boarding and dog day care so that we can give full attention to them. Not only this but we also keep sending photos and videos to parents on daily basis. Puppyoye dog boarding and dog park has boarded more than hundred dogs so far and has many happy parents as our customers.

How are we different?
Puppyoye Dog boarding and Dog Park is a passion project. Everything we do, we keep in our mind how would our dog and we as a pet parent would feel if we are boarding our dog at puppyoye. We chose the site for the facility which has enough large area for the dogs to run, play and socialize in the dog park. At the same time to provide safety, we have done internal fencing so that dogs can be separated as per their size, age, gender so on. To make sure parents are informed about their dog’s activities, we keep sending photos and videos to parents on daily basis. It is important for us that every dog coming for dog boarding or day care has a pleasant stay. To achieve that we first request dog parents to visit the facility along with the dog before boarding. This way dog gets familiar with the kennel before boarding also we can see how comfortable they would be with us and around other dogs. We provide fresh homemade food and try to follow the diet as they have usually. Our caretakers are dog lovers just like us which in the end makes all the difference. It is not a job for any one of us but a way of feeling happiness around such lovely creatures.

What is the road ahead?
We have been adding more and more facilities to ease the stay of our guests and we would keep doing so with time. Puppyoye dog boarding and Dog Park is one of the best dog boarding places in the city and we are dedicated to make this place a world class facility. To make the dog boarding more fun for our guests, we plan to add dog pickup and drop with dog cab services, we also plan to start dog grooming, dog training and a store for all essentials for your dog in near future. Apart from this we would add a indoor dog park with our dog boarding guests and provide remote access of CCTV to dog parents for them to see what their dog is up to from wherever they are.

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