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The Truth – Angel Dog Diary

The Truth – Angel Dog Diary


Loba was right, Zorro was not telling the truth. Yeah, all right, he did call Mom and Dad on Earth, he used voice command instead of dialing with his paws, which we knew he could not do. He demonstrated it to me and Loba, by calling them again. The call was true, and Mom and Dad said he and Loba could be indoor dogs with nice soft beds if they came back to Earth, I heard it myself. But they never said Zorro would be trained as a guard dog with license to bite! They said that he and Loba would get some serious obedience training so they would be nice to be around inside the house.

Zorro says that guard dogs would have to be very obedient and that is just the first stage in his training. That is how he interpreted it and he was telling the truth the first time.

I don’t know what to believe.


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