The Rescue Animals Rescued Me – How Volunteering with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue Gave Me Life

My family did not have pets when I was growing up. (Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard the “but who’s going to pick up its poop at 6 in the morning??” spiel from your parents as you desperately beg them for a puppy). I knew that dogs and cats existed, I knew they were cute and (sometimes) cuddly, but I also knew they were a lot of work. And in my college years and early 20’s, I wasn’t about that high-maintenance, wake-up-early, spend-your-money-on-vet-visits-and-dog-food dog mom life, until…

…I adopted Zane the Siberian Husky from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in 2011. You know how they say you never forget your first(s); Zane was my first (and is my forever) puppy love. Did I know anything about taking care of a dog when he came into my life? No. Did I almost surrender him after two months because I thought I couldn’t handle raising him by myself? ABSOLUTELY. But after a few wine-fueled pep-talks with my fellow dog mamas (I love you, Maddie and Liz) and a particularly grueling break-up, I knew that I needed Zane the Husky, and giving him up would be the biggest mistake of my life.

I needed Zane no matter how clueless I was about dogs (Wet food? Dry food? Dental treats? Bi-annual vet check-ups? What?). I needed Zane even though the thought of being responsible for another living, breathing creature besides myself (a creature who licked the couch cushions, peed on the carpet, and conveniently forgot his name while being yelled at from across the dog park) was horrifying. I needed Zane because at this time in my life, I was lost and searching for something, anything, that would ground me and give me purpose. That was Lucky Dog. That was Zane.

Animals don’t ask much of us. Animals just want to be loved and fed and to have a warm bed (or pillow or stomach or shoulder) to sleep on at night. I volunteer with Lucky Dog because of the unconditional love I got and gave to my best boy, Zane for 10 years. Because I know each and every one of the rescue animals that Lucky Dog brings on their freedom ride has a chance to return the favor to a dog mom, or dog dad, or dog family. I hope that everyone reading this finds their Zane. Finds their rescue animal who will rescue them.

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