Students Shifting the Farm Bill

“This was an amazing opportunity to discuss the Food and Farm Act as well as the necessary changes to shift the Farm Bill to promote human health, animal welfare, and the environment. We’re so thankful to Farm Sanctuary and Representative Blumenauer for including us!” – Bailey Soderberg, J.D. candidate

“As a student who took Vermont Law and Graduate’s Farm Bill class prior to attending the Shift the Farm Bill Satellite party, I had a basic understanding of our current and past Farm Bills. Given the complexity and breadth of this Bill, an argument can be made that the Farm Bill has become unwieldy. Given the original intent of the Farm Bill: keeping food prices fair for farmers and consumers, ensuring adequate food supply for our nation, and protecting natural resources, it has surpassed these original goals. There is overwhelming evidence that the Farm Bill should be broken into subcommittees. Given this, it is inspirational to see a Congressman make revising the Farm Bill such a priority. The current Farm Bill focuses too heavily on commodity crops. Farmers that plant crops such as fruits and vegetables, specialty crops, do not benefit to the same extent. It would be extremely refreshing to see an updated Farm Bill that better aligns with our nation’s current needs and values.” – Daria Bednarczyk, VLGS student

“It was great to learn about the Food and Farm Act and to know that there is a group lobbying for the government to stop paying “too much to the wrong people to grow the wrong foods in the wrong places.” I am taking a Farm Bill class over the summer and look forward to bringing this up for discussion”. – Kristi Fox, VLGS student

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