STOKES BIRDING BLOG: Eastern Bluebird Thoreau Quote


I went out this morning and had a beautiful Eastern Bluebird singing…here is a quote from Thoreau..

“Princes and magistrates are often styled serene, but what is their turbid serenity to that ethereal serenity which the bluebird embodies? His Most Serene Birdship! His soft warble melts in the ear, as the snow is melting in the valley around. The bluebird comes and with his warble drills the ice and sets free the rivers and ponds and frozen ground. As the sand flows down the slopes a little way, assuming the forms of foliage where the frost comes out of the ground, so this little rill of melody flows a short way down the concave of the sky.”

Henry David Thoreau, Journals–March 2, 1859

And so now, as then, the bluebird is singing as the ice and snow melt here in Thoreauland (I live next to the town where he lived) and bring me joy, just as it did HDT. Full circle of timelessness, some things remain to lift out spirits and hearts, just look and listen.

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