Spanish poultry association to host BBQ to market products

Guests will be served grilled chicken, turkey and quail

calendar icon 16 June 2023

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AVIANZA, the Spanish Interprofessional Association of poultry meat, is preparing to welcome the summer, according to a press release from the organisation. The event will include a workshop and finish with a a poultry barbecue. It will be held on June 20 in Madrid. 

The interprofessional will carry out training for journalists, influencers and bloggers specialized in lifestyle, gastronomy and food, to continue spreading the benefits of grilled chicken, turkey and quail, among which stand out its great versatility and how nutritious and healthy this white meat is.

The workshop will be given by chef Alfonso Castellanos in the gardens of Seeds restaurant, located within the professional training school, MOM Culinary Institute, and will count, once again, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Food of Spain, with the aim of further promoting the consumption of poultry from Spain

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