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November 18, 2023

Sigh. 😔
Where do I start my story?
Let’s skip the part about being injured and my life before that.
Let’s start where the good began to happen. ❤️
Injured and in pain, I dragged myself to where the people live. Surely someone will see my need. It is late and dark when I get there. No one is around. I am exhausted and can go no further. I see an old towel on the ground by a building. With fear in my heart, I curl up in a tight ball against the cold of the night air. Fighting against the pain, I wait for the morning light.
No one stops right away. Stray dogs are a common sight here. Eventually, an RCMP officer makes me their business. To serve and protect extends to animals as well as people. They see my plight and know I will not survive without great care. The call goes out to the SCARS intake team…..we know you are beyond capacity, we know we are hours of driving away, we know this is a huge ask, but please will you make room for him? We called him Drifter, he will perish without your help.
My whole world changed when the answer was yes. 🥹
Hours of driving. Different drivers meeting to continue the journey. Calm voices, kind words, warmth, and care. I finally arrived at the Westlock Veterinary Center. IV fluids, pain meds, and x-rays. My leg is badly broken. It will likely be an amputation, but that is alright. I am safe and resting, and I have hope. Hope because this amazing SCARS community continues to come together and give so many like me their second chances.

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