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Rocco is Available in Maryland!


Rocco is currently living his Modern Life in Central Maryland. He is 27.6 pounds of absolute cuteness. Rocco is a young and healthy 20-month-old. He is neutered and microchipped.


His foster mom describes him as a happy go lucky guy who is a complete clown. She says that he is a bull in a China shop though. He gets the zoomies and goes so fast that he slips and crashes into things around him. He’s high energy! He is either going 100 mph or sound asleep! He would benefit from either a fenced in yard or with someone willing to take him on walks until he gets his energy out.


He lives with other dogs and cats in his foster home. He’s an easy-going little guy who gets along with everyone and who has shown no signs of resource guarding. He doesn’t mind having his paws cleaned. You’ll have to be quick when he’s calm and get those folds clean. He’s not a fan of those folds being cleaned!


As easy going as Rocco is, he still has a great deal of puppy energy. Any dog or cat he is with will need to be tolerant of his energy and have the ability to be separated from him when they have had enough.


He is still working on not jumping when he greets people. He loves children, but he doesn’t know his own strength and may knock them down out of pure joy and excitement. Rocco would do best in a home with children that are steady on their feet and dog savvy. He needs continued training in this area.


Rocco really likes to be around his people. Are you going to the kitchen? Great, he’ll go with you. Are you going to the bathroom? Even better, he’ll come keep you company! You’re going to sit on the couch and snuggle him and never get up? Great, now you’re speaking his language!


Rocco doesn’t like his people to leave him. He will protest when you initially put him in his crate. Loudly. If you have thin walls and neighbors, this may be an issue. His foster mom has been working hard on getting him crate trained as well as potty trained. Both are a work in progress. She believes that both will continue to improve in a home that keeps working on training him. He is leash trained and he does know the command “sit!”


After the initial shock that you’re leaving the house without him subsides, Rocco calms down and currently has been hanging out with the other dogs in the office area. He would benefit from another dog in the home, not only to show him the ropes but also to keep him company.


Rocco enjoys Y-Shaped Benebones. He also likes to risk getting himself into trouble by trying to pull the poop bags out of the holder. He thinks this game is hysterical and he doesn’t understand why you’re not laughing too. If he’s feeling especially frisky and funny, he will try and do circles around you while you’re holding his leash. Rocco does all of this thinking he’s funny and cute, and he is.


His foster mom says that he’s a wonderful little guy who needs continued training in his forever home. She said, “Rocco has a huge heart and will love his special humans more than you think possible. When he’s not running around like a clown jumping, he likes nothing more than to snuggle and be close to his people.”


If you have a love of puppy-like energy and the patience and commitment to train this lovable guy, please consider applying!

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