Raising White Jumbo Cornish Cross for Fair

Getting Started

The first important thing to do when raising Meat birds for competition is to double check rules regarding the age of the chicks at the time of entry. Sometimes they need to be ordered for delivery on a specific week and other times you just need them to be between certain weeks of age at fair time.

Next, confirm what your options are for your entry. Is it a set of 3 Birds? A single Bird?  Does it matter if the birds are male or female? I recommend going above and beyond by raising more birds than are required for an entry. Extra birds allow for potential losses during shipping as well as losses throughout the process of raising them.  I like to have at least twice as many chickens to choose from at the end than what I need for competition. The extras can fill the freezer and make great future dinners at home, so not at all a waste to have more finished-out Cornish Cross.

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