Home Animal Rescue Princess was shot through her face

Princess was shot through her face

Princess was shot through her face


June 7, 2023

This is Princess. Within 30 seconds of meeting her we could see her sinus was collapsed and there was a rotting stench coming from her face. We got antibiotics from the vet for her and our team has been trying to gently clean it ever since.

After a few days, she had discharge from her nostril. We cleaned what we could with Q tips and the vet agreed to have it looked at again. She went in for a re-check and he found shrapnel! She’s been shot through her face and there’s a hole through the roof of her mouth! 💔

Even sedated, she was swatting him because it was so painful. The hole in her mouth was packed with hair, dirt, straw and garbage 😞

She has been so good for foster mum cleaning — when the pain was likely unbearable! Someone will be lucky to adopt such a good little dog.❤️


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