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Play – arm tunnels! – Denise Fenzi’s Blog

Play – arm tunnels! – Denise Fenzi’s Blog


I love playing with dogs – all dogs! How much do you know about playing with dogs? Take this short learning quiz if that interests you.

Here’s a video to give you inspiration if you’d like to add play to your dog-focused activities.  Here I’m using an “arm tunnel” to help Dice come in sideways and low for…a cuddle!

The more we practice play the stronger our repertoire of options becomes.  For the most part, he tries to be gentle with his teeth, even if we’re roughhousing a bit.  Which doesn’t mean I don’t get stepped on or hurt on occasion but hey – if you play physically with another, whether human or canine, the potential for the occasional accident is there.  For me, it’s a reasonable risk and trade-off.

Give it a try!  This is particularly effective with dogs who want to approach head-on or who get magnetized to your face.

And if you’d rather learn precision heeling than play, join my workshop this week at FDSA.  The lecture video was released yesterday so you can start practicing right away.  $29.95.  Learn more here!




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