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Nourish Your Dog with Marrow Bones: A Healthy Treat!

Nourish Your Dog with Marrow Bones: A Healthy Treat!


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Dogs are the most popular animal which has been globally domesticated. But the cute-faced pups that now play with toys on your couch and eat fruits were solely carnivorous once. But the sight of them tearing the flesh apart from their prey is still pretty enjoyable. Most pet dogs grow up in a homely atmosphere, which takes their hunting skill away. Hence, a marrow bone treat is something you can give them, close to their original nature.

Marrow Bones for Dogs- Are They Safe?

Are they safe? Well, dogs just love chewing and the practice is good for them if they chew on the right thing. Most of the dog parents give their pup marrow bones as treat, cooked, or raw. There is a common belief that chewing marrow bones makes their teeth stronger. Is it so? There are some basic reasons, for which vets do not suggest giving marrow bones to your dog. Let us discuss it one by one.

Marrow Bones for Dog Teeth

Chewing, for dogs, is a healthy and natural exercise. But chewing on a very hard object for a long course of time can damage their teeth. It directly affects their teeth’ enamel. And throughout life, it may cause a dental problem for older dogs. Marrow bone is a pretty hard object to chew, it is not a match for a dog’s teeth.

Splitting of Marrow Bones for Dogs

Although marrow bones are too hard, they are always prone to splintering and splitting. But most dangerously, when the marrow bones split, it breaks into small sharp pieces and that can potentially damage your dog’s teeth, or their mouth, or the worst they could swallow it, which is capable enough to make serious trouble in their digestive system. In some rare cases, swallowing a sharp piece of marrow bones can cause life-threatening wounds.

Marrow Bones Size

The shape and size of the marrow bones are responsible for getting stuck in your dog’s mouth. Since these bones are tube-like shaped, the dogs generally try to get some more of it and that is when it gets stuck inside their mouth. And if an entire marrow bone gets stuck into your dog’s mouth, it becomes nearly impossible to take it out without an expert’s help.

In some cases, the bone marrow bones for dogs can clog into your dog’s air channel. Creating even a more crucial situation for the dog. Even if it is removed successfully, there are high chances of getting your dog’s teeth or jaw damage.

Say No To Cooked Bones with Marrow Bones For Dogs

So many dog parents ask if cooked bone marrow bones for dogs are safe. The answer is a big ‘NO’. Do not give your dog cooked bones. Generally, there are two forms in which bones are available – raw and cooked. Cooked bones are dehydrated and extremely hard. Vets prohibit giving the dogs cooked bones for many valid reasons. Such as:

  • The extreme hardness of cooked bones can potentially break their teeth.
  • Bones with a big hole in the centre can be broken into pieces easily when the dog keeps trying to lick the centre.

Although raw bones still offer some advantages overcooked ones. Since they are not as hard as cooked marrow bones, raw bones are less likely to break. Also, it is easily digestible than cooked bones. One can not say that raw marrow bones for dogs are safer, but they have some advantages over the previous one.

The Alternatives of Marrow Bones for Dogs

If marrow bones for dogs are risky, then what is the alternative? Is there any?  Yes. You can give your dog some other treat or things to chew, with the lesser risk factor. Such as:

Treat Holders

There are plenty of treat holder toys available in the market. This great alternative to marrow bones for dogs is generally made of rubber. So the risk of splitting is zero.

Bully Stick

Another alternative to the marrow bones for dogs is a bully stick. These sticks are hard enough for your dog’s dental exercise and flexible enough not to split. Bully sticks are completely digestible and even if the dog swallows them, it will not be haphazard. But as bully sticks are not something that is supposed to swallow, it is suggested to buy a holder with it, which will prevent the dogs from swallowing it entirely.

A Toy to Play With!

There will be hardly any dog owner whose furniture and other things are safe from their dogs’ pass time chewing. They just love chewing on anything available. Then why do not you give them a toy to practice their teeth strength upon? When purchasing a toy, look for the right size. Nor too small to swallow, neither too hard to damage their teeth nor too fragile to split into pieces.

Cautions of Marrow Bones

Be aware and keep an eye on your pup. You can feed your dog’s marrow bones in any form you want, but keep the potential risks in mind and monitor them while they are chewing a bone, whether it is raw or cooked. As you know your dog better than anyone else, it is up to you whether to give him marrow bones or not. The choices depend on their chewing habits and sensitivity. Your dog is as gullible as a kid, the precaution is not leaving your dog unattended with a bone. And if any trouble occurs, do not take the issue lightly. Rush to your vet immediately, as this kind of scenario can be potentially life-threatening.


To conclude, marrow bones for dogs are not safe, since they could potentially damage their jaws, teeth and could be a risk to their lives. Chewing is a necessary exercise for your dog to keep him happy and his teeth good. But finding a proper prop out for chewing is no cakewalk. For some dog parents, it might be hard to accept that marrow bones for dogs are not safe, since most of the people are used to the practice already. And it is true, that nothing seems to be hundred per cent safe for the dogs to chew. But sometimes opting for a lesser evil is the wisest path. Keep your four-legged friend happy with something they love and it will add some more happy days to your life.

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