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New Subject Editor: Cécile Richard-Hansen

New Subject Editor: Cécile Richard-Hansen


Submitted by editor on 17 April 2023.

My name is Cécile Richard-Hansen, and I’m happy to join the editorial board of Wildlife Biology as a new Subject Editor. I look forward to contribute to the development of neotropical topics in the journal!

After a PhD focused on mountain Ungulates in France (Toulouse University), all my career was then dedicated to neotropical forests and wildlife of French Guiana.

I conducted projects on harvested, protected, or endangered species’ ecology (White lipped peccary, Tapir, Black Curassow, Giant Otter), large-vertebrates community and habitat relationships, impact of hunting on wildlife and ecosystem functioning.

I’ve been working for long time at the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB), working and living for 30 years in the tropical overseas department of French Guiana.

I am part of Tapir, Curassows and  Peccaries IUCN SSC Specialist Groups, as well as the COMFAUNA community (Comunidad de Manejo de Fauna Silvestre en América Latina/ Wildlife Management in Latin America Community) and the Joint Research Unit EcoFoG (Ecology of Guianan Forests)

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my daughter, walking and hiking in natural environments, paddling with friends and traveling.





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