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My Journey Into Rescue — I Truly Am The Lucky One!

My Journey Into Rescue — I Truly Am The Lucky One!


It all began with our collie and boxer mixed dog named Beauty. Some years later the pet parakeets arrived, then, within a few years, a beautiful lost calico cat arrived which unknowingly to us was pregnant and a few weeks later delivered four kittens. Two were adopted and the other two lived with us. Soon enough along came four gerbils whom my sister volunteered to watch over the holidays for her grade school class. I was in seventh heaven with these animals living at my parents’ house who by the way had five children living there, too. I loved raising, rescuing, and helping animals so I made the decision to become a veterinarian when I went off to college

Deciding I was going to be a vet, during my college search, I only researched and visited schools with veterinarian programs. Then, one day while talking about a program, one of my sisters reminded me that I wasn’t an all-in reptile individual. The question she posed during our conversation changed my mind to become a vet due to my response which was no. Disappointed, I began researching other careers and went on to attend Drexel University where I studied Home Economics & Community Services. Between my junior and senior year, I received a call from a friend regarding a bunny. A student was graduating from a university nearby and was planning to let it loose on the campus grounds. Soon, I became an owner of a black and white bunny named Bianca. Again, here I was once again rescuing an animal.

Although, I didn’t become a veterinarian, I still wanted to help animals. It meant that I had to find another way to fulfill my passion. I can’t remember when I contacted Lucky Dog, however, I do remember how the staff made me feel when I decided to volunteer for this adventure. Immediately, I knew I had found the right fit and support I needed to make a difference in the lives of rescue cats and dogs. A second chance in life is a true blessing for many of them.

My journey with LDAR started within a few months into Covid. I was to foster an orange and white cat who had come up from Florence, SC . The previous foster was in the military and had received orders to move. Ironically, I knew the story about moving orders because I had experienced the same for 25 years with my husband and children. My first foster and she was ready to leave the bathroom within hours to explore the house. On the second day, she decided she loved the leather sofa and one side of it would be her place. Where I sat was of little concern with her. Over the next few weeks, we did or rather I did, virtual meetings with interested adopters. The plan was I would sit next to her on the sofa and when it was time for the adopter to see I would simply show her the ipad. Not once, not twice, but, three times when I did an interview, she would jump off of the sofa as soon as I put the ipad in front of her. I had to run behind her so the adopter could see her. She of course would move out of the viewing range and made me look like an idiot running after nothing. When the Interviews ended, she would nicely jump back up to her spot on the sofa and look at me with what I would swear was a smirk on her face. After the third interview, I was explaining to my friend what was happening and she simply laughed and said, “She’s found her forever home, however, you haven’t realized it, yet.” Shortly after that conversation, I completed the adoption papers and found myself happily joining the failed foster group. Delainey continues to be the queen of the house and holds court with all of us.

Lastly, in October 2021, my cousin unexpectedly passed away and she left behind her two male cats, Jojoe and Monty which I rescued. I contacted Lucky Dog who immediately helped me to try to find adopters for them. However, during a surgery for a herniated bladder, it was discovered that Monty had a common cancer that befalls cats. So, since both had been through so much, my husband and I decided, without Delainey’s permission, that they would stay and live out the rest of their lives with us. Who knew that many years later my life would come full circle having three cats once again. Thanks to Lucky Dog for all their help and enriching our lives with a rescue cat. We are truly the lucky ones!


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