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My Journey Into Rescue – Becoming Dr. Cuddles for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

My Journey Into Rescue – Becoming Dr. Cuddles for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue


My name is Mat Glassman and I’m a veterinary surgeon that worked at Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington, D.C. for 12 years. I’m currently taking some time away from the operating room to build a company to help pet-parents take care of their pets better at home, Dr. Cuddles. Dr. Cuddles is a direct-to-consumer pet health company that is gearing up to develop some innovative tools to help pet owners care for their pet’s minor or intermediate pet issues at home- so you don’t have to run to the vet at every stressful moment.

Since 2012, I’ve been an active member of Lucky Dog’s medical team where I help determine if animals that are preparing for adoption need surgical intervention or medical care. If they need surgical care, I will make recommendations for surgery or in some situations, if the procedure is more complex, I will volunteer my weekend time and do the surgeries myself.

I’m so proud that I’ve been able to bring my love for Dr. Cuddles and Lucky Dog together. With every purchase of Dr. Cuddles, 5% of proceeds are donated to rescue animals in need – including supplies and surgeries. Lucky Dog Rescue is Dr. Cuddles’ biggest beneficiary!

Where it all began …

I first met Mirah and was introduced to Lucky Dog, I had just started working at Friendship Hospital following my surgery residency and fellowship. At that time, I was introduced to a newly fostered Lucky Dog pup that had escaped from his collar and was subsequently hit by a car. He had pelvic fractures and a tibial fracture that were significant and needed to be repaired. In many situations, this would mean amputation or euthanasia for an animal without a forever home. However, Mirah, Lucky Dog, and all of the fantastic supporters of Lucky Dog made it possible for us to fix this pup and ultimately find him a new home!

I was so amazed by the lengths that the Lucky Dog team were willing to go to help this pet, that I stayed in touch with Mirah. Over the next few years, I would answer any vet related questions I could over email to help Lucky Dog make decisions about newly adopted pets and pets that were to come up from kill shelters, prior to entering the Lucky Dog system.

Despite having a profession where I am able to frequently help animals in need, I find my work with Lucky Dog the most fulfilling. There is something very magical about being a part of the team that helps an injured, neglected animal get back to optimal health and find a family that is going to love and care for them forever.

I’m excited to continue supporting Lucky Dog in the future, and am looking forward to seeing what Lucky Dog is able to do for the animal community as time goes on. Check out Dr. Cuddles and use code LUCKYCUDDLES for 20% OFF your purchase — remember 5% goes back toward Lucky Dog and Rescue Animal Surgeries!


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