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Hi Everyone,

A huge thank you to all of you who have purchased “Modern Horse Training”.

So now the fun really begins. Some of you already have the book. The irony is my supply has not yet arrived so those of you who ordered the book directly from my web site will have to wait a little longer than some of the others. How frustrating! It’s like watching everyone else unwrapping their Christmas presents when yours hasn’t even arrived yet to be put under the tree.

I am beginning to hear from people who have the book. The response is a universal: “I love it!”

I definitely love hearing that. So now I’m going to ask you to leave a review on amazon.

This link will take you to the book’s page in If you are ordering outside of the US, you will need to use the amazon site that is appropriate for your region.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, past the list of other products Amazon wants to tempt you with, past the product details and the “about the author page”, past a whole lot of other stuff, and you will eventually come to Customer Reviews. Please leave a five star review and a comment. Reviews very much help others to find the book, and they are hugely appreciated.

I’ve included a picture of the daffodils at the barn. Spring flowers always get a five star review from me. Now that the book is launched, I have time to enjoy them!

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