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Modern Horse Training Is . . . – The Clicker Center Blog

Modern Horse Training Is . . . – The Clicker Center Blog


I’ve been dipping my toe into Instagram. I’m just learning my way there. I like writing books. Writing short posts to meet the Instagram format is not my normal style, but I’m appreciating that it’s a useful skill to develop. I’ve been enjoying picking out some of my favorite photos to share to define what I mean by Modern Horse Training. They make good posts to add to my blog which is what I am doing here.

Here is the way I began on instagram. This post was published on May 26, 2023

Instagram is very much unknown territory for me, so bear with me as I figure out how it works. I am very much like many of you who are new to clicker training. I’m asking the same questions. What is this? How does it work? How do I begin?

Regular users of social media would have been chuckling if they had seen my computer usage over the last couple of days. I was like a nervous horse edging up to a puddle, jumping back, nosing forward again. Should I or shouldn’t I put a toe in?

I have bravely decided to test the water. Just like that nervous horse I could easily jump back out again, but I have a lot that I want to share with you about Modern Horse Training – not just the book but what that phrase has come to mean to me.

You can share the book with your friends. And you can share your own images of what Modern Horse Training means to you. With your help, I’m going to be learning how that’s done on Instagram. You can laugh as I stumble my way around hashtags. Just remember the answer is always obvious to the one who knows it.

You can find me on Instagram at alexandra.kurland.5


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