Meet Chicken Farmers Who Put the “Well” in Animal Welfare

Most people are 4 generations removed from the family farm, so information about agriculture and animal agriculture is gleaned from social media and the internet. This means that 98% of the population dictates acceptable standards and protocols about animal welfare and policies when they have no direct involvement in growing food or raising animals. Not coming from an animal agriculture background like my husband, I didn’t fully grasp these issues until I was immersed in them. 

Watching our freshly hatched chicks arrive, caring for them, making sure that they have enough food and water, and that they have the perfect environment to grow and thrive so that we can provide healthy affordable food for the consumer is our top priority as farmers. The health of our birds is just as important as the health of our children because our birds are just like our children. When our children aren’t feeling well, I make a little “treatment sheet,” when they receive medication, how much they are given, etc. The same goes for our birds. These practices ensure that we’re proactively meeting the well-being of our birds by providing them with the care and commitment that we would give our own family. 

Ryan and Rachel Rhodes

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