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MBA Lesson 2

MBA Lesson 2


Zorro is raving about Backward Management School. “I am making a lot of valuable contacts,” he said. “The sons and daughters of pedigree winners. Puppies of wealthy business dogs.”

“But what do you learn?” I asked.

“That it is good business to negotiate a high remuneration packet for yourself. Keep the salary modest, but make sure the tax-free benefits are enormous, most dogs don’t notice the benefits, so you don’t draw attention to yourself from jealous low life. And don’t forget to insist on a golden parachute. That is a win-win for you, if you make a mistake and gets fired, you keep the money without working!”

“Is this good for the business?” I asked.

“It is good for the manager,” said Zorro. You go to business school to manage yourself first.”


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