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Lali, Lena, Linda, and Liza

Lali, Lena, Linda, and Liza


Lali, Lena, Linda, and Liza are 4.5-month-old, all male Dachshund cross puppies.

Rescued from a kill shelter at just a few weeks of age, these pups, while remaining small in size, have endeared themselves with their kind-natured, cuddly, and playful disposition. Lali, the only male in the litter, is distinctive in his own right.

These delightful pups exhibit a fondness for soft toys, which they carry around throughout the day. Sociable and playful, they enjoy the company of other dogs and have been successfully introduced to living with cats, making them suitable for homes with feline companions.

Lali, Lena, Linda, and Liza thrive on social interaction and flourish in a home where they are not left alone for extended periods. Despite their short legs, they are healthy and active, requiring moderate exercise, including walks and outdoor play.

Their new families should continue their socialization and training, encompassing essential aspects like toilet training and lead walking.

These pups are adaptable to different living arrangements and could coexist happily with another friendly dog or as the sole canine focus in their families. They are also open to living with cats and can be considered for homes with older children.

Prospective adopters should be experienced with rescue dogs, as the pups require time, patience, love, and commitment to transition into well-balanced and contented dogs. First-time owners are discouraged from applying.

Currently residing in Hungary, Lali, Lena, Linda, and Liza can travel to the UK once the right family is found for each of them.

They are available for individual rehoming and come fully vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, flea and tick treated, with an EU passport, and DEFRA-approved paperwork. The responsible owner must agree to have them spayed once fully grown.

Adoption is contingent upon a Home Check and Adoption fee, with comprehensive Rehoming Back-Up (RBU) provided to ensure a successful and lasting adoption journey.


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