Keeping Squirrels Out of Your Backyard and Garden

While you might love watching the bushy-tailed critters scurry across your lawn or chase after each other, squirrels are some of the most destructive animals in the neighbourhood. The rodent family members are happy to tear into the garbage, soffits, and anything else in search of food, shelter, and water. You must always be mindful of what the critters are doing on your property, according to squirrel removal in Oshawa.

The best way to protect your property is to keep the squirrels out of your yard, including your garden. Still, the task can seem overwhelming without the correct information to guide you.

4 Tips To Keep Squirrels Out of Your Yard and Garden

How to keep squirrels away from the house is primarily an issue of maintenance. You want to do everything possible to deter the animal, such as eliminating temptation and making access difficult.

That said, squirrels are intelligent. To protect your property, you must be proactive and vigilant. A professional wildlife control service can help you brainstorm some of the best ways to protect your property against the threat of squirrels, including discussion about the four most beneficial practices.

1. Cover Plants

Many people love to garden. You might enjoy planting vegetables or flowers. Regardless of what you plant, squirrels might be attracted to your garden bed. From snacking on vegetables to searching for worms or grubs, squirrels can make a mess of all your hard work.

To protect your space and limit access, consider installing a covering for your most vulnerable plants. Squirrels love vegetables, from cucumbers to eggplants to tomatoes. Use a cage to limit access. You can also plant lavender, catnip, garlic, hyacinth, and others to detract squirrels from entering your garden.

2. Take Away Easy Food Sources

Squirrels are capable and motivated foragers. They will make a meal of almost anything they come across. You must be vigilant about keeping your property clean and free of edible debris like seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and trash.

If you must store garbage outside, use a can with a tight-fitting lid. If possible, keep trash cans inside a garage or shed with a secure door. The less access you offer, the more likely a squirrel and other animals will move on to another property in search of food.

3. Make Bird Feeders Hard To Climb

One contraption every squirrel loves is the bird feeder. Homeowners love them because they attract colourful birds to their property, and squirrels love them because they offer a dependable food supply.

If you must have a bird feeder on your property, make it one that is difficult for squirrels to access. You can purchase squirrel-proof feeders. Also, fill the feeders with less appetizing food for squirrels; for example, avoid bird seeds with sunflower seeds because they are a favourite treat for squirrels.

4. Spread Mulch

Spreading mulch may seem ineffective because squirrels are capable diggers, but the substance can make digging a little more challenging. A squirrel wants to dig in fresh and loose soil because it is easy to get through, and they can bury their goodies quickly and securely. Mulch is not as easy or secure, so squirrels will move to other spaces.

How To Get Rid of Squirrels

The best and most effective way to remove squirrels from your property is with the help of a professional service. Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control to learn more about prevention strategies and schedule a property assessment for more specific treatment options. While squirrels are popular neighbourhood wildlife, they should not be making a home of your home.

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