JZ10: Brags and Snags March 2024

March 20th, 2024 by Matt Saul

Joe Zuccarello’s latest video is live for L2GD Members!

In this JZ10 Groomer Business Tip, Paragon president Joe Zuccarello invites us to do a quick gut check about what is working and what isn’t. Our brags are things that went great, while our snags are things that didn’t happen as smoothly as we hoped. Tune in to see Joe outline a simple method for tallying your brags and snags and using these to derive innovative ideas for improving your salon.

Joe is also the host of the “Hey Joe!” podcast where he interviews a wide range of pet industry subject-matter experts.

Each month, members get a BRAND NEW JZ10 on a broad range of topics, from keeping your staff happy to nailing your finances. Stay tuned for more!

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