June Book Of The Month: Chicken Keeping Pure & Simple

Next, Chapter 2 discusses the coop, its costs and features to consider when buying or building your chicken coop. Chapter 3 is all about bringing home the chicks: how to brood them, or incubate fertilized hatching eggs using an incubator.

Chapter 4 focuses on bonding with your flock, and specifically on how to help children learn to help in flock care, safe handling and bonding.  Chapter 5 talks about how to best feed your chicks, and, later, the adult chickens. Then there are ways to use up the eggs your flock will eventually produce for you!

After that, Chapter 6 is all about chicken coop maintenance and cleaning. It also discusses how to deal with winter and summer and points to consider when experiencing temperature extremes. You’ll learn how to handle parasites among your chickens, what to do with all of the chicken waste and also how to keep the flies under control.

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