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5 Simple tips to keep your pet clean

September 27, 2017

Puppies till the age of 6 months urinate often and these are the initial few months when they can be trained easily. Sadly, new dog owners become impatient and end up giving-up the dog thinking the dog is stubborn or dumb. But the fact is that puppies have soft bladder like infants and they tend to have urine pressure after eating or playing. So, the key is to take your puppy at the designated spot after they play or after they eat or drink. Every time your dog urinates or poops at the designated place, reward him so that puppy links the act with reward. This will gradually become a habit and your fur ball will pee and poop every time the place you wished for. Important thing is to emphasize on giving reward rather than beating or scolding. Giving reward helps you bond with your dog better and the dog from the early age starts trusting you!


In nutshell:

  • Take your puppy out on a walk quite often. If it’s an apartment then make a designated place and lure him or her to the place after meals or play sessions.

  • Reward every time the puppy or the dog pees or poops at the correct place.

  • Ignore accidents. DO NOT punish.

  • Maintain the time at which you take your dog out for a walk to ensure the routine.


Author : Nimisha    –  An Avid Animal lover and mother of two dogs


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