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How Subscription Boxes are Changing the Game?

How Subscription Boxes are Changing the Game?


Our furry friends are some of our greatest joys in life. Waking up to puppy kisses, going on long walks and runs, or snuggling up for movie night are some of my fondest memories and why I love my pups.

So, when it comes time to reward or make them feel special, it’s great to have a few different surprises and treats available. One of the best ways to develop a cache of treats is to sign up for dog subscription boxes. These monthly deliveries are packed with various promoted and beloved toys, treats, and other accessories you and your dog(s) will love. Let’s take a closer look at what these boxes can be and how you can start receiving a regular shipment of surprises.

What is a Subscription Dog Box?

A dog subscription box is a monthly delivery of treats, toys, and other goodies for your pup. Each box is tailored to your pup’s size, age, and breed and can include anything from chew toys to treats to grooming supplies.

These subscription boxes are delivered to your door or post office location and are filled with various items designed to stimulate and satiate your pups. Since these boxes have grown in popularity, more companies are offering subscription services, with different items available, depending on what you think will be the best fit for you and your dog(s).

Why Are Dog Boxes Becoming Popular?

Subscription boxes for dogs, cats, or other pets are not necessarily new and have been utilized by numerous pet families. But, as the pandemic began to limit normal shopping and buying habits, the popularity of delivery services began to rise. Receiving a monthly supply of quality toys and treats shipped directly to your door has encouraged numerous pet lovers to make the subscription box delivery a full-time operation.

Customers are also learning that these boxes are an incredible time-saver. We regularly see and hear stories about how busy people are in their daily lives. The work/life balance may not be as balanced as many would like, so any additional help to clear off the monthly calendar is appreciated.

Additionally, these subscription boxes usually offer products at a reduced rate or a percentage off their normal prices simply because they’re being bundled into a monthly box program. Up-and-coming brands are likely to be included in the subscriptions, which means they’ll look for favorable reviews from new customers.


Offering reduced rates is a great way to influence more interest and purchasing potential with pet customers. By including well-known, popular brands with lesser-known products or brands, customers are more likely to see value in all of the items sent. They will develop positive opinions about all of the brands available.

Plus, by reducing the cost of the assortment of items by including them all in one monthly subscription, customers will feel they’re receiving a deal and will continue their subscriptions.

The boxes are also cost-effective because the customer doesn’t have to go to the store or stores to find and amass a toy and treat assortment. Less shopping means fewer impulse purchases. Less driving around town means fewer fuel expenses, too. And as mentioned earlier, the monthly calendar can remain less cluttered.


Having a delivery service can be a time saver in so many ways. Years ago, I had a friend describe the number of items they had delivered to their house which were just for them. All sorts of daily-use things, food, specialty items, and necessities showed up on the front step, like clockwork.

Cost-wise, the items were the same to order versus buying in a physical store location, with some being cheaper if ordered. The shipping fees were minimal or often not a fee at all. When we calculated the time saved per week, though, we found that, on average, they saved nearly 5 hours. That’s 260 hours, or over ten days a year, in which you could do something else.

Since my friend also worked from home, deliveries to their house were doubly convenient and cost-effective. When we started looking at the time saved by not having to physically shop for so many things, it became clear that the convenience and time saved were the real benefits.

Even saving a few days a year can be a bonus for your personal and work-time balance.

A Fun Treat For Your Furry Friend

Although the boxes offer savings, convenience, and some new products to discover, the real benefit is the fun and excitement your dog(s) will receive. After all, your dog doesn’t necessarily know what’s new on the shelves, but it can certainly show you how much they like it when you present it.

The items included in the subscription boxes aren’t throw-away items, either. Most subscription boxes strive to offer high-quality treats and toys, and innovative products, which companies believe will become popular items.

In a way, our pets are also amazing beta testers for the new products they’ll receive. By supplying feedback to the box companies, they’ll be able to provide items better suited for your pups and other pups around the country and the world.

Which Dog Box is the Right Fit for You?

When choosing the perfect subscription box for puppies, there are more than a few methods to rely on. I recommend looking over some different companies to see what they regularly include. After all, you most likely know your dog(s) the best. Additional methods for deciding can consist of:

  • Reading reviews- see what other pet owners have to say about the subscription boxes they’ve received. Are the amounts and variations consistent? What percentage of the items does the dog play with, eat, or enjoy? How good are the customer service, company communications, and overall subscription box service?
  • Online and purchasing experience- How easy is navigating the company’s website? What is the purchasing and payment system like? How does the company handle returns, exchanges, or subscription cancellations? Be careful you’re not locked into a two-year deal with no method for canceling.
  • Coupons and special offers- What kind of special deals or reduced rates are you receiving by choosing a subscription box service? Will the subscription company honor coupons or special discounts the personal toy and treat companies offer?

What Would Your Pet Want?

It’s important to assess what the subscriptions offer and how they may work with your furry friends. If, for instance, you have a dog who loves to chew, a box with more toys than treats and trinkets may be a better choice. Or, if your dog needs a specific type of food for their diet, you’ll want to make sure their food, or a comparable brand, is available.

More than anything, you’ll want to use your best judgment on personal behavioral and dietary needs to help pick the right service.

What Are Your Needs?

You’ll also want to consider how the subscription box delivery will affect you and your regular schedule. How do the deliveries take place? Do you have to sign to receive the package? How big is the box? Some apartments have small mailboxes and aren’t equipped to handle larger packages, so other arrangements may need to be made.

You should also be well aware of the policies and procedures of the subscription box companies, as well as understand who they partner with. What kind of customer service can you expect if you have problems down the line? As I mentioned, don’t get trapped in a subscription deal that you cannot alter or cancel.

What Are Your Options?

Fortunately, many companies offer subscription boxes, so finding one that works for you shouldn’t be too much trouble. You can also read about the experiences other customers have had and make an educated choice accordingly.

Plus, it’s good to shop within certain categories for your dog. Are they large or small? Do they have food restrictions? Are they very active or more relaxed? Are they heavy chewers or not really interested in gnawing? You can find a comprehensive list of possibilities on the website, so spend some time reading and considering which ones may be the best fit(s).

Doggy Deliveries Really Deliver

One of the best parts of receiving these subscription boxes is opening them together with your dog(s). The sheer excitement and interaction you supply to your dog are enough to keep receiving the deliveries. My dogs almost anticipate the delivery and know they’ll receive something special when they see the box.

And subscription boxes aren’t just for dogs, either. Cats, birds, and even pigs can receive monthly deliveries of fun, each tailored for the animal and even the animal’s human companions, too.

To learn more about these monthly surprises or just to talk about pets, subscribe to our newsletter or give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you and share your stories about what your pets love and how it’s benefitted your lives.


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