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Groom Alert is a safety system of acquiring information necessary to provide consistently safe pet care services. Pets with conditions requiring special care should be assigned a “Groom Alert” symbol. The symbol “alerts” groomers, and actually everyone else onsite, to read the acquired information before proceeding to interact with pets assigned alerts.

Every business day a few pets require special care. This can result from veterinary instructions, aged and ill health, or behavioral problems. Special supervision of these pets is mandatory. Employees must know how to respond to them. Perhaps you will instruct employees to first talk to you, or another staff member, before touching the pet or proceeding with grooming.

An alert means no one should open a cage door or make contact with a pet in a cageless space without first reviewing the pet’s information that lead to alert assignment.

The customer service employee who does not groom is at risk of known behavioral risks the same as groomers. Make sure your system addresses everyone, not just groomers.

Groomers should be able to find veterinary instructions provided by the pet owner. If your business is computerized Groom Alert tags alert groomers and staff to check computer records before touching an alert assigned pet.


If you manage information manually, such as using pre-made grooming filecards or index cards, record safety information on the card. You may need to attach a blank index card to store details adequately.

The Grooming Business in a Box® filecards have a space to activate a groom alert by affixing a bright sticker, or using a bright highlighter pen. The color enhancement is more likely to draw the attention of the reader.

So what about those workers or guests who simply don’t pay attention to recorded information? Mark the cage or cageless area with a Groom Alert sign for appropriate pets.

We had plastic tags made up from an office supply about the size of poker chips in bright orange. We affixed a clip to each tag and hung them on the cage doors of pets assigned Groom Alert status. You could not miss them.

If you do not use tags, consider bright colored index cards with bold letters saying “GROOM ALERT.” Some cage manufacturers add filecard clips to cage doors. Use them as needed to hold these paper alert notices. Either way can you imagine an easier way to alert anyone not to touch a pet before reading important information? You may prevent someone from getting bitten by a behavioral problem pet. You may ensure that an employee provides correct special care treatment instead of overlooking it. If you work alone, it may remind you of a required special procedure.

Groom Alerts enhance fail safe pet grooming. The cost is insignificant. It works for one person businesses as well as those with staff. By implementing and diligently following a groom alert system you will improve your safety record and reputation for humane pet care services.

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