Getting to know the people of Mashatu: Otsile Kereemang

We hope you have been enjoying this series of getting know a little more about the people of Mashatu. Today we have our operations manager, Otsile.

What is your role at Mashatu?

I oversee the financial side of Mashatu Nature Reserve.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I am a simple person (I think), yet a potential daredevil. I grew up mainly in Selebi Phikwe, then had a short stint in Serowe. My mother is a civil servant, so we had to move a few times. I am interested in astronomy, and to some extent lecturing in business.

I am an academic. My aim is to help collect and publish papers with data from Botswana. We need more people to publish and I hope that I will cover that space. Hopefully more Batswana and people in academia will also heed this call.

I also love travelling and have officially made a commitment to do one travel itinerary every year without fail. I am a Chelsea supporter and hope to go watch them live one day.

What does a typical day at Mashatu look like for you?

I wake up at 4am to tackle my studies. I am in the office by 7am, attend to daily tasks and any ad hoc matters that arise during the day. I knock off around 4pm go for a walk, have dinner, watch a Ted Talk or read, and then it’s bed time.

What do you love most about your role at Mashatu?

I love the challenge. I realise every day, just how much there is to learn about the industry and the people. I never stop learning, and can never know enough.

What do you love most about Mashatu?

The peace and tranquility.

Favourite Animal


Giraffe are thriving on Mashatu. 22 giraffes were released into the reserve in 1984 & over 700 were recorded in the last game count.

Favourite Bird

Flamingo. Very majestic birds.

Favourite Dish or Food

This is a tough one. It is a tight race between seswaa and pizza. (I do not like the seswaa pizza though.)

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