German ag ministry supports ‘GreenChicken’ research project

The study aims to improve sustainability in feeding

calendar icon 19 June 2023

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Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) is financing a new poultry research project with 2.01 million euros, according to a government-issued press release. “GreenChicken” aims to improve on-farm economics through the development of environmentally and climate-friendly feed for organic chickens.

For this purpose, laying hybrids with brother rooster rearing and dual-purpose chickens, each of which is fed with different feed, is to be compared. Two practical feed rations are being tested, including feed that contains 15% processed animal protein from Black Soldier Fly. Corresponding indicators for different breeds are being examined in order to determine the sustainability of each feed strategy over the entire life and production cycle. Greenhouse gas emissions, resource consumption, eutrophication potential, air quality as well as land and water consumption are all being considered.

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