European Commission approves Flemish pig farming buyout scheme – Swine news

In August, the Flemish Government reached an agreement on a second call for the voluntary closure of pig farms. As of last week, pig farmers have been able to register for this buyout scheme. However, the European Commission still had to give its final approval. That has now happened.

The impact score, which reflects the nitrogen deposition of a farm on nearby nature, is the most important criterion for determining whether pig farms are eligible for voluntary closure. That impact score was reduced from 0.5 percent to 0.025 percent for the second call. This also lowers the entry threshold and approximately 2,700 additional agricultural operations with pigs will have the opportunity to voluntarily close their pig farms and receive compensation for this. The other conditions and rules such as the buyout amounts remain the same as with the first call.

Eligible pig farmers can still submit their application until January 19, 2024.

November 10, 2023/ Vilt/ Belgium.

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