Home Dog Training Entire Town Gives ‘One Amazing Send-Off’ For A Dying Dog On His Last Walk

Entire Town Gives ‘One Amazing Send-Off’ For A Dying Dog On His Last Walk

Entire Town Gives ‘One Amazing Send-Off’ For A Dying Dog On His Last Walk


A senior dog, named Mellow, from Dupont, Pennsylvania took his final walk and his entire neighborhood gave him one heck of a send-off on Saturday, June 03.

On Friday, June 02, KJ Warunek, a member of the Facebook group called Dogspotting Society, posted a photo of a letter she received in her mailbox.

The rest of the neighborhood got the same letter and it explained Mellow’s current condition and the heartbreaking reason she’s going on her final walk.

“I was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and will be leaving for doggie heaven in June,” the letter that Mellow’s owner, Kevin Curry, wrote in behalf of his furry friend.

“Regardless of how well we know each other, you have made my life so much richer than any rescue dog could have hoped for,” Curry wrote.

The letter also revealed that Mellow and Curry have been living in Dupont since September 2019. And “rain, snow or shine”, they would both go on walks twice every day.

When you think the letter wouldn’t get any more heart-wrenching, the letter came in with a map with the estimate time and location of Mellow’s last walk.

Warunek wrote on her now viral post, “I don’t know how I’m going to keep it together when I see him on his route.”

According to Newsweek, Warunek also revealed that the “small token of appreciation” that Curry mentioned and included in his letter was a $5 that they can use to buy their dog a treat or donate to a local shelter.

Talking to The Citizen’s Voice, Curry revealed he expected a “small celebration” for the pooch. But the entire neighborhood pulled through and gave the pooch possibly the best walk of his life.

Warunek revealed, “He had a lot of corners to stop at, and on the three that I saw, there were about 20 to 25 people at each one.”

“People didn’t bombard him as to not overwhelm this sweet pup. So people stood back and just watched and (wept). It was a pleasure meeting this brave boy,” Warunek continued.

Children can even be seen holding signs for Mellow along his walk route, while others brought their own dogs out to say their final goodbyes to Mellow.

Furthermore, the famous Twitter account We Rate Dogs even shared photos of Mellow with the neighborhood on his last walk.

Talking to The Citizen’s Voice, he said he would miss his daily walks with Mellow. “He hasn’t given me one bad day in my seven years,” Curry said.

Everyone at Dogington wish Mellow had the best time of his life during his last walk. And that he gets all the best treats in doggie heaven for being the bravest and goodest boy!


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