Cutting in a Show Continental Trim on a 13 Month Old Poodle Puppy

April 4th, 2023 by Iman Admin

In the American Kennel Club show ring, Poodles are unique. They are the only breed once they turn a year old, who must have a completely different look than they did previously, going from a “Puppy” clip to one of two “approved” trims. Both of these trims are elaborate, fancy, and complex.

Even if you do not aspire to exhibit show Poodles, there are still many lessons to learn from Certified Master Groomer Brittney Valle in this video where she confidently produces a Continental trim on this lovely dog. If you are seriously looking to expand your grooming skillset, whether in the salon or for competition, this a wonderful lesson!

In this video you will learn:

  • How to get smooth clipper work on close work
  • How to get all four bracelets the same height
  • What shape to create prior to rounding everything
  • On a Continental trim, how do you set the most difficult line so it is correct
  • Where is the correct placement for rosettes so they are placed correctly for the dog

Start Learning with Brittney

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