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Chloe – 2 year old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

Chloe – 2 year old female Cross-Breed available for adoption


Chloe is a 2 year old female Cross-Breed. She is a beautiful rescue from Cyprus who is currently in a foster home in Hemel Hempstead, whilst she waits for her forever family to find her.

Chloe takes everything in her stride. I have left her at home while out on walks/runs/bike rides with no issues at all.

Chloe took herself to a crate last night to rest and is happy to be in a crate overnight with no toilet mishaps. Day 2 long line dropped and not a single hint of her wanting to wander.

Chloe’s a very friendly girl with people and dogs but has very good dog-to-dog manners.

Chloe can get a little over-excited and forget herself but if she is grumbled at, she instantly backs off and is very respectful of others.

Chloe knows to sit down and stay already thanks to the trainer that visits the kennels in Cyprus.

Chloe is a VERY clever girl and has already learnt jumping up isn’t desirable and is getting the hang of sitting first and then letting you go to her for feet on the floor attention She loves a belly rub and goes into zombie chill mode if you’ll oblige.

Chloe’ll be great as an only dog or with another dog and would be happy as a running buddy or long walk buddy. She has a lot of get up and go and love for life.

I’m sure she’d be great with children but currently, with her little excited moments I feel children may get knocked by mistake or possibly add more excitement as I’d imagine.

Chloe’d love to join in on anything that goes so maybe older or very dog-savvy children would be better.

Chloe is great with my partner’s 13-year-old daughter. Chloe doesn’t have a single bad bone in her and is a real little heart melter.

DOG Rescue Cyprus

DOG Rescue Cyprus

For further details about adopting a dog from DOG Rescue Cyprus based in the UK, please email adoptadalidog@gmail.com

All dogs rehomed via this rescue will be vaccinated, neutered/spayed and microchipped. Home checks apply and full post adoption support is offered.

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