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Cat-Proof Furniture and Decor Ideas – Oakland Veterinary Referral Services

Cat-Proof Furniture and Decor Ideas – Oakland Veterinary Referral Services


If you own a cat, are you doomed to a life of drab decor and desiccated furniture? What is cat-friendly furniture and decor? With their cute little button noses, toe beans, whiskers, and fluffy heads begging for kisses, sometimes just looking at your cat is enough to send your heart fluttering. That is, until he digs his claws into your brand new couch. Or knocks over a vase and sends water and flowers flying onto the carpet. Or climbs up your window screen leaving a giant tear down the middle. Are you doomed to a cat-ravaged home? Not if we have anything to say about it!

Cat-Friendly Furniture Finds

Believe it or not, there are plenty of cat-proof and cat-friendly furniture options that can stand up to kitty claws. More and more brands are using pet-proof fabrics and other materials that do not sacrifice style to provide function. Here are just a few great options that will give you a fabulous aesthetic and your cat a place to place his claws without tearing up your heart:

  • Burrow Arch Nomad Sofa Sectional: This modern couch is available in a wide range of colors and offers a sleek, sophisticated design. Best of all, it is a tight olefin fiber weave, which is scratch resistant. 
  • Casper Repose Wooden Bed Frame: If your cat uses your fabric headboard as his own personal scratching post, it might be time to upgrade. The builders masterfully construct this wooden option to provide a solid foundation for your bed. Your cat will not be as interested in digging his claws into the wood and might actually start using his real scratching post instead.
  • Elroy Faux Shearling Accent Chair: No need to avoid accessorizing with a stylish accent chair anymore! This cozy and eye-catching piece can add texture and dimension to your decor (and none of those textures will be scratch marks). Strong enough to stand up to your cat’s claws, this chair is begging to be the next addition to your home design. 
  • Castlery Todd Sectional Chaise Sofa: Your home decor should be a reflection of you, and this couch gives you the chance to let your personality shine. It’s comfortable, chic, and safe to have in a home with a cat.

Decor for the Home…Not the Cat

It can be hard to determine what kind of decor will drive your cat wild. There are a few pieces that can add some flair without flipping your cat’s destructive switch, though. Try to focus on some of the following:

  • Throw blankets: Who doesn’t love a good throw blanket? Not only are they comfy and cute, but they can protect your furniture from the wrath of your cat. Blankets provide the perfect surface for kneading, they fur, and they protect your furniture from odors. An alternative is a scratch-proof sofa cover.
  • Rugs: If you have a cat, do not spend thousands of dollars on a decorative rug that they may just destroy. Instead, get an affordable, machine-washable option that can help you cover up other stains (hairballs) your cat might have made on the floor. 
  • Glass barricades: While it might be dangerous to put up lots of decorative pieces freely around the home, you can still do it. Invest in a curio cabinet or television stand with glass doors. This allows you to safely display what you want without your cat posing a risk. 

Decor Pieces for Everyone

There are plenty of cat-friendly decor items that can benefit both you and your favorite feline. Think about investing in hidden litter boxes that seamlessly fit in with your home design. You can also find pieces like couch protectors to add onto furniture you think your cat might scratch.

Check out the Frisco Animal Series of Cat Condos. Consider adding steps, beds or scratching pads to the walls plus a place for kitty to hide from the world. Bottom line: with a little bit of effort, your home will be big (and cute) enough for the both of you with cat-friendly furniture and decor.

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