Called ‘IAS Factory’, This 75-Household Village Has Given 51 IAS IPS Officers

Madhopatti, a village in Uttar Pradesh, has single-handedly produced around 51 IAS and IPS officers so far.

Achieving success in the UPSC exam to become IPS and IAS officers is a coveted aspiration for many. Clearing the highly competitive examination is a formidable challenge, often requiring years of dedicated effort and multiple attempts.

However, in the village of Madhopatti in Uttar Pradesh, a remarkable phenomenon unfolded. With an impressive track record, Madhopatti has been the hometown of over 51 IAS and PCS (Provincial Civil Service) officers.

Earning the moniker ‘IAS factory’, this village consistently produces officers year after year. What makes this feat even more laudable is the fact that this village in Jaunpur district has just 75 households. It also doesn’t have any coaching centres!

A hub for education, most of the officers hailing from this village have high-flying careers across space, atomic research, judicial services and banking. The village is also famous for being home to four IAS siblings — Vinay Kumar Singh, Chatrapal Singh, Ajay Kumar Singh, and Shashikant Singh.

Looking into the past for an explanation for this village’s feat, it is said that freedom fighter Thakur Bhagwati Din Singh and his wife Shyamrati Singh started educating children in the village in 1917. Initially, Shyamrati started by teaching the girls, and soon, boys started queueing up too!

It could be that the learning spirit that was sown years ago has found its way into the lifestyle of the people in this village.

Edited by Pranita Bhat

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