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Bully Girl Magazine Issue 96 is Selling Out Fast! – Bully Girl ®

Bully Girl Magazine Issue 96 is Selling Out Fast! – Bully Girl ®


There has been a lot of hype around the crypto and NFT space over the past few months. A lot of people have been trying to understand just what exactly is an NFT. In this article we will give you a brief overview of what an NFT is, and also how we plan to use NFT’s to benefit the bully breed dog community.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. A non-fungible token is a unit of data that is non-interchangeable, that is stored on the blockchain. Anything can be used as an NFT such as: digital files, photos, videos, audio and more. The purpose of placing these forms of data on the blockchain in the form of an NFT is to provide unique ownership of each digital or physical asset tied to the NFT. Transactions and ownership on the blockchain can be tracked and viewed by everyone on the network, thus making it hard to fraudulently claim ownership of an asset that is not yours.

The cool thing about using NFT’s to tie ownership to a digital asset, is the smart contract that is behind every NFT. An NFT smart contract can be used to make sure that any access to information or transaction tied to it executes automatically, without further need for human interaction. With that said, you can safely collect NFT’s knowing that you will successfully gain whatever utility is tied to the NFT.

So know that we’ve given you a brief overview on how NFT’s actually work, we introduce to the BGM Bully Fam NFT.

The BGM Bully Fam NFT Drop launched on February 5th, 2022. This launch is Bully Girl Magazine ‘s entrance into the Crypto space. The BGM Bully Fam NFT allows it’s holders to have access to exclusive discounts, sales, giveaways, invite-only events and even profit-sharing from merch sales. The BGM Bully Fam NFT was created to benefit and reward those who have truly supported us over the past decade. We are also donating 25% of the proceeds from the BGM Bully Fam NFT sales to Bully Breed Dog rescues around the world.

With only 5000 in total supply, and with some people grabbing multiple NFT’s at once, not everyone will be able to get a BGM Bully Fam NFT. However those who get in early and support the project, will be rewarded in abundance to show our appreciation for all of the support you guys have given us over the years.

There are 3 levels to BGM Bully Fam NFT ownership, and each level unlocks even more perks, benefits and rewards. Purchasing a BGM Bully Fam NFT is easy. Simply visit our website at www.bgmwarehouse.com. Currently the max you can buy per person is 25 NFT’s. This will allow as many people as possible to benefit from the utilities that we have tied to this NFT. However, owning just 1 single BGM Bully Fam NFT gives you access to huge discounts and profit-sharing on all BGM Bully Fam merch such as: t-shirts, hoodies etc. 

So whether you are new to the crypto space, or a seasoned vet who has been collecting NFT’s for a while, the BGM Bully Fam NFT is definitely one to add to your collection. The value will only go up over time. We will also be releasing future NFT’s that will benefit those who have the 1st edition of our NFT project. Don’t wast anymore time. Visit BGM Warehouse and grab yourself a BGM Bully Fam NFT today. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.


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