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Britain’s Loneliest Dog Seeks Forever Home

Britain’s Loneliest Dog Seeks Forever Home


Bentley rescue dog standing outside in grass.
Image credit: Three Counties Dog Rescue

If you’re a sucker for a lonely heart’s story, this one is bound to pull at your heartstrings. Bentley is a super handsome Great Dane and Greyhound mix. But Lady Luck hasn’t been on his side since he found himself without a home. Bentley has been at a small rescue center in Lincolnshire, England, since February 2017. This means Britain’s loneliest dog has been in the shelter for over seven years.

More About Britain’s Loneliest Dog

So, what is Bentley’s story? He was born in August 2015, and his previous owners bought him from Facebook Marketplace. But after a year and a half, they decided to give him up to the rescue center because they found his behavior too challenging to cope with. He was a very anxious pup, reactive to other animals, and biting at the lead.

This Great Dane and Greyhound mix pup has gorgeous brown eyes and beautiful brindle coloring. He enjoys playing fetch and is always looking to please his favorite humans. He is also a big love bug, and his greatest weakness is snuggling on the sofa. So, it’s hard to understand why this lovely dog has been waiting so long for his forever home. Take a look at this short video of beautiful Bentley in action.

Three Counties Dog Rescue staff have worked on Bentley’s behavior and anxiety. Although Bentley doesn’t get along with other dogs or animals, he has many other wonderful features. He adores humans, and his tail is forever wagging. He knows all his basic commands and loves to play with a ball, returning it most of the time.

Bentley is looking for a quiet home. His yard needs secure six-foot fencing because he is a cheeky pup who can escape easily. Ideally, he would like to live somewhere in the country to peacefully enjoy the rest of his years. Bentley must be the only animal in the home, and because of his large size and bouncy nature, the shelter states he can only live with adults and teenagers (no young kids).

So, after seven long years, Bentley is seeking his happy ever after. Having watched other dogs come and go, it’s time for him to find his people. The shelter’s founder, Gyll Mauchline, says she would be “over the moon” if he found a home. And we at Canine Journal love a happy rescue story, so we’ve got everything crossed for Bentley.

Can You Help Bentley?

If you think you might be his person, please get in touch with Three Counties Dog Rescue. If you can’t offer him a home but you’d like to help in another way, you can sponsor him while he waits to be adopted.

Have you rescued a long-time shelter dog? Or perhaps you’ve got experience volunteering at a shelter and have seen a dog spend too long waiting for their forever home? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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