Breezy had to re-learn how to play after a head injury. Now he’s a grand master at it!

May 4, 2023

Something was very very wrong.

Even from a distance we could see that this puppy’s neck was twisted in a terrible way, thrusting his head almost backwards. He had suffered a head trauma, probably hit by a car in a hit-and-run. Thankfully, a passerby noticed that he was alive and called us for help.

We gave him supportive care and treatment for several days while he remained semi-comatose, but on the third day, we were delighted that he wanted to eat on his own.

With a little help to stabilize his neck, this little gem seemed to tell us “I’m ready to live!” It took 2 months of baby-steps for Breezy to re-learn some basic motor skills, But wow, he has ’em nailed down now! Meet loving Breezy today.



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