Bread Baking Babes tackle a tiger · Thyme for Cooking

Or a giraffe….. or maybe a leopard.

I’m told that the reference to wild animals has to do with the mottled crust on these, ahem, interesting loaves or rolls.

Apparently the Babes couldn’t agree on anything this month… not the name, not the shape, not the….

I digress.

I’ll just call them Dutch Crunch Rolls and be done with it.

Or maybe I’ll call them Tiger Bread. Or Marco Polo Bread.

No, I won’t…. I like the sound of Tiger Rolls better and I control the keyboard.

So there!

This interesting challenge for the Babes is from Karen, of Karen’s Kitchen Stories, our host Kitchen for June, and comes from a Dutch friend and master baker.

She tells us that this is a popular bread in San Francisco for deli sandwiches. And she has a photo of her own breakfast sandwich that has me drooling…. (see above).

For more history, photos, and detailed instructions for you to try your hand at Tiger Bread or Rolls or Dutch Crunch, pop over to Karen’s Kitchen Stories.

You will find the recipe and all the details for baking along this month.

Karen’s Tiger Rolls

Aparna’s Tiger Rolls

Cathy’s Tiger Rolls

Kelly’s Tiger Rolls

Elizabeth’s Tiger Rolls

Judy’s Tiger Rolls

Elle’s Tiger Rolls

That’s it for June…

Go forth & Crunch!

The Bread Baking Babes

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Karen’s Kitchen Stories – Karen
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And me…. Thyme for Cooking – Katie

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