BC Rare Bird Alert: RBA: FIELDFARE in Kelowna

At 3:10pm on Jan 10-2022, Jasmine Korcok found a Fieldfare at the viewing platform at the NE corner of Munson Pond.

The bird is being viewed by multiple observers at the same location in the company of several robins and a Rusty Blackbird as of 3:45pm. The bird flew west at 4pm.

Map to location HERE

The bird continues in a flock of robins in the same location on Jan 11th.

At 11:50 am, Chris Charlesworth relocated the bird at the corner of Morrison Ave and Rhondda Cres with robins. Keep an eye on a large Mountain Ash tree at the corner with lots of berries.

Map to location HERE

The bird was last seen at the corner of Morrison Ave and Rhondda Cres on Jan 13th and has been viewed by multiple observers.

***The bird was not relocated on Jan 14-16th, despite multiple observers looking.***

This is the third record for BC and the first for the Okanagan.

A news story on the bird can be read HERE

Fieldfare in Kelowna – Photo: David Bell
Fieldfare in Kelowna – Photo: Chris Charlesworth 

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