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Backward Management School – Angel Dog Diary

Backward Management School – Angel Dog Diary


Zorro is a little bored now when he is not running Zorro’s Zecurity anymore. Loba found an MBA course at the prestigious Backward Management School for a discounted price, and she suggested Zorro should sign up.

Hmm,” said Zorro, “I guess I should, an MBA would look good on my resume.”

“You can’t read and write,” I pointed out.

“Not needed,” said Loba, “it is all live interaction, no written texts or tests!”

Fortunately, the Backward Management School approved his Carolina Dog Pedigree as a merit along with his fee, so Zorro proudly went to class. All the other students were champion pedigree dogs but had no business experience. His teacher is a Springer Spaniel called Hubris.

“You are the future leaders,” declared Hubris the first day. “And I am the leader of the pack. My background is in leadership of this elite course in business leadership. First lesson: be large and groom yourself, physical presence is half of leadership. Sorry ladies, if you can’t be male, at least be pretty, that is second best. End of class for today.”


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