ARL Provides Emergency Surgery for Injured Stray Kitten

Stray kitten suffered from severely fractured leg

A seven-month old stray kitten from Lowell, MA, is recovering after receiving an emergency amputation surgery at the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center.

The kitten, now named Baguette, was found on the streets of Lowell late last week, and while she did not have any external wounds, her hind leg was fractured beyond the point of repair, and needed urgent veterinary care.

Knowing the critical nature of the injury, Lowell Animal Control contacted ARL and transported the kitten to ARL’s Dedham facility.

ARL was able to take in the kitten and provide the life-saving surgery, which would have cost several thousand dollars at an emergency veterinary hospital.

ARL is a resource for animal control officers throughout Massachusetts by assisting when called upon and having the ability to take on complex cases and absorb the costs of procedures such as this surgery.

ARL’s shelter medicine staff amputated the limb, and for the past several days Baguette has shown remarkable progress.

She is unhindered by the missing leg, and now being pain-free, is happy, healthy, showing off her infectious personality, and is nearly ready to thrive in a forever home.

Please note, Baguette is still unavailable for adoption, however her status will likely change in the next week or so as she continues to make progress in her recovery.

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