American Association of Equine Practitioners Says NO to Sedivet

Not sure if your speaking to me linda , buttt I’m not naive at all,
A horse loosing there balance in a spin can definitely happen !
It does not mean they are drugged.
And I’m all for the no drug thing 100 percent !

And if u were talking to me lol noooo I don’t use drugs myself ,
I just would like to see
Who ever run this page to actually use things that will help the no drugs thing not just bash reining in general,
Look at it this wayyy . A horse circling , if u have a picture of it tripping and falling over forward, I’m sure u would take that and say look a drugged reining horse can’t stand up! Which anyone in their right mind except for who ever did this post maybe would know a horse can trip running it doesn’t mean they are drugged .


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