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All About Bantams | Meyer Hatchery Blog

All About Bantams | Meyer Hatchery Blog


Considerations and Challenges

Bantams lay around 2 eggs per week. Their eggs are a lot smaller than a standard chicken, which can make them a great option for someone who does not need a lot of eggs. They make an adorable pickled egg. 

Many breeds of bantams are notorious for the desire to go broody, that is, want to sit on eggs to hatch out their own chicks. The top two being Silkies and Cochin bantams. They make wonderful mothers.

In everything there is always a downside. Bantams do require a little extra protection from predators.  While they can hide in smaller areas when predators come around, they might also have a more difficult time in seeing predators such as with Silkies, their head poof, can restrict their range of vision. They are also more likely to sleep on the ground of the coop which makes them the first target when a predator enters a coop at night.


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