Blog 10 Questions to Ask a Shelter About an Adoptable Cat

Posted by Daniela Lopez on June 6th, 2023

adoptable cat getting pet
Caring for cats is a breeze, right? You keep their food dishes full, their litter boxes clean, and let them decide whether to snuggle or (more likely) not. While they may not require bathing or daily walks like dogs, cats still have distinct personalities and needs. That means the cute Calico in one cage at the shelter might need a much different living situation than the Maine Coon living in the adjacent cage.

“Cats have so many different nuances to their behavior,” says Caitlin Phillips, people and operations manager at Animal Rescue League of Boston. “To find the right fit for your lifestyle, ask lots of questions.” If you’re wondering where to get started, you aren’t alone. Read 10 questions to ask at a shelter or rescue before adopting a cat, so you can feel confident that you’ve left no stone unturned…

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