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A Pet Owner’s Guide to Downsizing – Pibbles & More Animal Rescue

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Downsizing – Pibbles & More Animal Rescue


You must consider many things when downsizing with a pet, such as how to prep your current home for sale and methods of downsizing efficiently. You also need to ensure your animal’s safety and comfort during the process of moving.


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Preparing Your Current Home For Sale

Here are some ideas to attract more prospective buyers and hopefully make a quick sale.

  • Create a clutter-free environment. There’s nothing more off-putting than a poorly maintained home or one that looks messy.
  • Be neutral with colors. Prospective buyers want to visualize themselves living in your property. It’s easier for them to do this if your walls don’t consist of overbearing patterns or wild colors.
  • The less furniture in your home, the bigger the rooms look. It’s also a good idea to remove personal items, such as family photographs.
  • Enhance curb appeal. Paint your front door, and add new hardware. Well-maintained gardens and outdoor lighting are other ways of emphasizing curb appeal.
  • Carry out repairs. From the tiny holes left behind from picture-hanging hooks to broken windows and dents in the door, address all repairs before listing your property. You can hire a professional handyperson to conduct specific repairs. Find one by searching online.

Effective Downsizing

Create an inventory of all your belongings, and decide which ones to keep. After all, your new, smaller home requires fewer items. You may come across objects you haven’t used for over a year or things you didn’t even realize you possessed. You’re unlikely to need them in your new place.

What may seem like trash to you may be useful to someone else. Consider making a few extra dollars on pieces you no longer need by organizing a yard sale. Popular items at these events include books, toys, power tools, and gardening equipment. Donate leftover items to local charities.

Finding a New Home

When looking for a suitable home for you and your pet, think about your priorities.

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?
  • Do you need a home without stairs?
  • Is it close to local parks to help your dog stay fit and active?
  • Does it have a fenced yard to contain your pet?
  • Is it close to a veterinarian?
  • Are boarding kennels nearby to accommodate your pet when you want to go on vacation?

To help your pet settle in its new environment, keep up with regular routines, such as walking schedules. Keep some familiar furniture items for now, and try to avoid having visitors until your pet is settled.

Obtaining a Mortgage

Unless you’re a cash buyer, you need to obtain a mortgage to purchase your new home. Lenders typically calculate your debt to income ratio to measure how much you can realistically pay back each month. You can easily calculate this by adding up current monthly debt payments and dividing the sum by your gross monthly income. If you’re wondering what are current mortgage rates, research lenders and their rates to decide which mortgage product works best for you.

Planning and Preparation

Downsizing with a pet in tow can be a challenging task, but with proper planning and preparation and by finding a suitable home and mortgage, you and your pet can successfully settle into your new home with minimal stress.

Pibbles & More Animal Rescue is dedicated to rescuing needy and abused pets and finding them forever homes. Fill out an application to adopt or volunteer.


My name is Penny Martin, I was lucky enough to have a dog in my home since the day I was born. When I was younger, my family always went to animal shelters for our furry friends, and now that I’m grown, I do the same. A lot of rescue dogs have had hard lives, but when I can make them happy in my home the joy in my heart is unmatched.


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